FREE Travel by Backpack Guide Book for Kindle

Travel by Backpack: The Complete Backpackers Guide to save Time, Money and Stress when Traveling Abroad on a Shoestring Budget

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 9.39.35 PM

Planning a trip? Travel by Backpack is written for those looking to take a break from their current life routine to join the world of Backpackers who have chosen to travel on their own terms.

Having nearly 30 countries under his belt, Rob has created this twenty six chapter book, which includes the history of backpacking, specifics of travel preparation, the essentials in dealing with common issues on the road, and handling your eventual return to conventional life.

Topics include:

• Personal Finance
• Transportation
• Packing
• Health
• Working Abroad
• Mentality
• Paperwork
• Safety

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