Can I afford travel? Is it feasible to leave my job and/or other responsibilities?

Yes! Its may take some time to get to that point, but absolutely, yes! If traveling is what you want to do, you will make it happen. Always remember that you have one life to live and you can adapt to a lower cost of living while you save if you are determined to travel.
Lets cover some of the reasons people say they cant travel:

  • I’m ill or sick and I have high medical bills

    Two words for you. Medical Tourism. But don’t think low prices equals low quality. Many of the best medical facilities in the world exist outside of the United States and many cater to attracting US citizens. Check out the prices for having procedures done in the US as opposed to medical treatment abroad.

    Many Americans are already opting to go abroad for medical treatment. Click on Gallup poll to read more.

  • I have loans

    Student Loans – If you’re just about to graduate, you typically have 6 months before you have to start paying your loans. The average student loan debt is $24,000. This means you will be paying a few hundred dollars each month. Be sure to add this to your monthly travel budget accordingly, but don’t let it dissuade you from possibly traveling the world and stumbling across and industry or passion that you would have never been exposed to if you picked up the first job you came across after graduating.

    Other loans – Look into the possibility of differing your loans or lowering your cost of living, pay off your debt, then travel.

  • I have kids

    Look into homeschooling.  Keystone School Online is one of the many good options for online schooling. Also, check out the stories of several traveling families with this incredible blog by Annie Andre

    If you think of any other scenarios, please share!

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